untitled - spalted maple


  • Visual Voice Gallery
    See more of Lloyd's work at this independently owned fine art gallery.
  • Windhorse Farm
    A selectively logged, sustainably managed permaculture farm and woodlot in Nova Scotia supplying FSC certified specialty hardwoods.
  • Blockhouse School
    I am involved with a new project in Blockhouse Nova Scotia. We have received the green light to take over an unused middle school and save it from the wrecking ball by turning it into a showcase for sustainable transition.
  • ProSolarTec
    A new concentrated solar technology developed by Peter Kinley of the Lunenburg Foundry. It can generate enough heat to melt metal. He is looking to showcase his Prometheus Technology and is working together with the Blockhouse Sustainable Transition Project. Together we plan to heat a middle school using his technology as the main heat source.
  • Soul Gallery
    A fine art gallery in Winnipeg Manitoba with a diverse selection of paintings, photography and sculpture. Julie Walsh of Beautiful Spaces, an interior design company, is the curator.
  • RavenStar
    David Cameron, who is also part of the blockhouse project makes these very cool lamps from industrial waste poplar.